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January 24, 2007

Search engine, search Engine

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This is a repost from earlier and no, I don’t think search engines are going the way of the dinosaur. This is more of a rant in the form of an anti ode and a way to call out search engines.  Change is in the air and search engines have to change.  Is Wikiseek the answer? I don’t know but you can bet someone will out google Google and we’ll be looking at a new way to find information on the web. What do you think?

Search engine, search Engine

Search engine,

search Engine

fell on your head.

Search engine,

search Engine

soon you’ll be dead.

All of those bad serps

from spammin’ and stuff

Search engine,

search Engine

when is enough?

Search engine,

search Engine

why all the ads?

Search engine,

search Engine

you’re time is in fads.

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January 14, 2007

SEMPO seo sem training launches January 15th

SEMPO,  a non-profit professional association working to increase awareness and promote the value of search engine marketing worldwide, will kick off their new sem seo training on January 15, 2007. The online SEM Fundamentals program will be offered through the SEMPO Institute. SEMPO will also offer two additional certificate courses sometime during the first quarter, Advanced SEO and Advanced Search Advertising. Members and non members alike will be eligible to take the courses. Pricing  is set for each course as follows; SEM Fundamentals, $499 – Advanced SEO, $1750 – Advanced Search Advertising, $2250 with discounts for SEMPO members, miltary members, students, and bulk purchases.  The announcement email also included this; 

SEMPO will cover topics such as: the history of search engines, how search engines work, the latest innovations within the search world, links and directories, seo fundamentals of web site design, copyrighting, common seo roadblocks, search engine submissions, pay-per-click, and tracking and reporting your SEM efforts. And, of course, at the end of the course, a list of resources will assist you in learning the industry’s best practices and ever-changing nuances of search.

January 12, 2007

SEO isn’t rocket science but neither is rocket science according to NASA

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Okay not to beat a dead horse but let’s take a look at what NASA says about rocket science (they should know) and see if you can compare it to SEO. Here’s what NASA says about rocket science on their Rocket Science 101 site.  Looks pretty straight forward to me, thanks NASA.  

Assemble a rocket from main engine to payload fairing! Rocket Science 101 shows the basic parts of the launch vehicle, how they are configured, and how they work together to launch a NASA spacecraft.

Components for the Pegasus Series Launch Vehicle

  1. Payload Fairing
    • Fairing – The fairing is separated into two composite halves — with one half incorporating an integrated nose cap — and a separation system. The fairing protects the payload from the flow stream and also allows for the control of air quality, humidity and temperature around the encapsulated payload.
  2. Spacecraft
    • Spacecraft – The spacecraft is the NASA payload being launched. It is located inside the fairing with the avionics section and the Stage 3 motor.
  3. Booster
    • 3rd Stage
      • Avionics – The avionics section contains the flight computer, inertial navigation system, avionics batteries, telemetry system, and control electronics. This includes the gaseous nitrogen reaction control system, which helps control the vehicle attitude, especially right before payload separation.
      • HAPS – After burnout and separation from the Stage 3 motor, the Hydrazine Auxiliary Propulsion System (HAPS) hydrazine thrusters provide additional velocity, improved performance and precise orbit injection. When used, the HAPS is located inside the avionics section.
      • The Stage 3 Motor – The Stage 3 motor propels the vehicle to a height of 400 nautical miles and a velocity of 24,770 feet per second (approximately 22 times the speed the sound). These heights and velocities are dependent upon the weight and orbit requirements of the payload.
    • 2nd Stage
      • The Stage 2 Motor – The Stage 2 motor propels the vehicle to a height of 709,070 feet and a velocity of 17,809 feet per second (approximately 16 times the speed of sound). These heights and velocities are adjustable based on the payload’s weight and orbital insertion needs.
      • Interstage – This interstage serves as a connector between stages 1 and 2, and also provides an area for the nozzles and interstage electronics and components.
    • 1st Stage
      • The Stage 1 Motor – The Stage 1 motor propels the vehicle after drop from the Orbital Carrier Aircraft to a height of 207,140 feet and a velocity of 8,269 feet per second at burnout. The attitude of the vehicle is controlled by the Fin Actuator System. This stage has a fixed nozzle and a wing for additional lift.
      • The Wing – The wing is a delta wing design that provides lift during the stage 1 burn.
      • The Aft Skirt – The aft skirt protects the Stage 1 nozzle from aero heating and provides the structural attachment for the Fin Actuator System.
      • The Fins – The fins provide attitude control during the stage 1 burn.

So I guess the answer is no SEO isn’t rocket science but apparently neither is rocket science. Okay, I think I got it. I wonder if quantum physics is rocket science?

January 7, 2007

Kevin Lee did it, acknowledged the need for sem seo training

Well Kevin didn’t say that everyone needs sem seo certification and training he did say, “I’ll allow that many SEM  jobs require knowledge and training” in his recent Click Z article “SEM and SEO: Rocket Science or Just Plain Science? Part 2”.  Thanks Kevin, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.  I’ve been blogging about this for years.

I don’t recall Kevin nor his sidekick David Pasternack talking about seo being a “science” before. In fact David said in his controversial article,

“What I am saying is that most marketers can achieve significant organic rankings without resorting to anything more mysterious than applying the basic optimization principles outlined in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines”.

 To Kevin’s credit he did comment on Greg Boser’s WebGuerrilla blog,

“I’d recommend that you and your team start with the Google Webmaster page read WebMasterWorld, attend a conference or two, take the DMA or SEMPO training, and take care of the basics.”

A much more detailed call for sem seo training than what David said earlier. Kevin ends his Click Z article with this statement,

“Education and best practices are important for the entire industry: PPC, SEO, and other media buying. In a future columns, I’ll cover some of the great new ways you can keep yourself educated”. 

Thanks, we’ll be looking forward to that.  I for one am glad Kevin is acknowledging the need for sem seo certification and training. What about you?

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December 26, 2006

SEO Coach Dan Thies closes sem seo training doors

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UPDATE: The retirement party teleconference is December 28th at 7 pm Central. Register here.

According to Dan’s SEO Coach newsletter, as of January 1st Dan will no longer be providing sem seo training to new students. The newsletter also provides an invitation to his “retirement” party on January 28th along with a free teleclass. Dan explained in his newsletter that his students’ needs have become diverse.

But more and more, I find that my students’ challenges lie in many different areas – conversion, email marketing, product sourcing, social marketing, business planning, etc.

Although I can often add value in these other areas, I am not always the world’s foremost authority… In order to truly help my students grow their businesses, I needed to find a way to offer support in every aspect of online business.

Dan goes on to say that expanding SEO Research Labs’ training team is not feasible because he would need to have students lined up and ready to go. However, he does offer a “solution” in the form of a new training program being formed and describes the the instructors but does not name them. Instead he uses psuedonyms like, Mr. Green, Mr. White, etc. My guess is that some of the Mr. Colors in no particular order are; Dave Taylor, Brad Fallon, Mike Long, Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern, and Dan himself.  It also sounds like another StomperNet production. Again these are only educated guesses so we’ll have to wait and see.

“Mr. Blue,” one of only three (3) people on Earth I go to for SEO expertise
“Mr. Green,” a true thought leader, expert on blogging, community building, and publishing for profit
“Mr. Paisley,” probably the best copywriter on the planet, and that’s only a small fraction of what he brings
“Mr. Orange,” who teaches complete newbies how to get online with some of the best audio and video tutorials I have ever seen
“Mr. White” and “Mr. Pink,” who have each built multimillion-dollar businesses from scratch – real businesses with real products, not just infoproducts
“Mr. Black,” an expert on joint ventures and eBay, who has orchestrated some of the most successful product launches in the history of the Internet

We’ll definitely be watching for the announcement of this sem seo certification and training program and will let you know as soon as we get the details. Best wishes to you Dan, you’ve provided some great education not only to your students but also to the rest of the seo community and for that we salute you.

December 15, 2006

Marketing Pilgrim’s SEM Scholarship contest revisited

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At dinner in Chicago I was fortunate to be able to visit with Andy Beal and Ben Wills, winner of Andy’s SEM Scholarship contest. I commented that I had learned a lot and shared some of my views about the contest. I also talked about how all that great content was now buried in the mounds of blog posts that Andy’s so fond of creating. 

Andy said to send him over my thoughts and that it would be a good idea to revisit the contest now that the dust had settled. This is a great way to repurpose content (that may not be the correct description but fits in this case). I think other bloggers should take note and dig up some of their great posts and comment on what has changed. There is so much content out there and to write about it once and then never visit it again, is a waste.

December 3, 2006

Rebecca Kelley reveals all in her Fresh Egg windup

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Rebecca from SEOmoz wrote a fascinating post about her trip across the pond and tells us about her daily life in jolly old England. She was the first graduate of Fresh Egg’s Internship SEO Training.   Ammon Johns, aka Black_Knight, a guy who’s been dispensing seo info since before most people even heard of seo, was one of her instructors.  If you want to hear more from him, head over to the cre8asite forums where he dispenses his wisdom at no charge or check out his Fresh Egg blog and his latest post “SEM Charlatanism – Charlatans in SEO”.

Rebecca details Ammon’s sage advice in a list of 19 “Ammonisms”, much to his dismay. Not that she gave away any state secrets but he hoped that the term Ammonisms didn’t leak out. (Too late Ammon). My favorite or as they spell in the UK, favourite, was “You can’t always help every client; some just don’t get it.” So true.

Let’s just say Rebecca’s was the most informative and entertaining post I’ve ever read and believe me I’ve read not a few.  Wish I could write half as well as her.  All I can say is I want to go to the Fresh Egg training myself so if anyone would like to send me ;).

Anyway you have to go read it for yourself.  The next intern in training is BJ Wright who took the bold move to invest in himself and his career. I’ll be covering more of his adventures as he reports them. Congrats Rebecca and best wishes BJ.

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