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April 16, 2007

Another day another meme: 5 reasons I blog

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Okay I’ve been tagged in another blog meme. If you want to follow this meme the good folks at SoloSEO have created a blog meme tracker much like the “5 things you didn’t know about me” meme but this time you can edit it. I’m flattered that the Pope of local search, Paul Jahn, and writer extraodanaire, Steve Bradley, aka VanGogh, have tagged me but I really don’t know what to say. Why do I blog? I truly don’t know.

1.) It takes away any free time I have.

2). It’s hard to think of things to blog about.

3). I can’t write very well .

4). Does anyone read this?

5). I’m easily distracted.

Now what were we talking about? Oh yeah, I don’t really know why I blog but I will tag the following people and keep this meme going.

Christy Arneson Jones – SEO Jealous
Chris Brown – Branding & Marketing
Andrea Schoemaker – Pimp My Blog
Matt McGee – Small Business SEM
Emory Rowland – ClickFire


SEM Scholarship entry “So You Wanna Be A Search Marketer”

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Andy Beal’s SEM Scholarship contest is well underway and there are some great articles out there. I wanted to give a shout out to my friend and fellow China traveler Nicole St. Martin aka SEMgirl. Nicole has written an article for the contest entitled “So You Wanna Be A Search Marketer” where she talks about the qualities you need to make it in this wacky seo world. Her first and my personal favorite quality for a search marketer is “passion”. Now one thing that many of the people I know in this field have and that is passion. Just take a look at responses to guys like Jason Calacanis and Dave Pasternack when they bash seo. This industry if full of passionate people. Please take a look at Nicole’s entry and read some of the others ones while you’re there and feel the “passion”.

April 1, 2007

SEM training offered by Search Engine Strategies in New York

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SEM training courses will be offered by Search Engine Strategies in New York prior to the SES conference. The courses will be held on Monday April 9th and the SES conference will start on Tuesday. The sem training will be led by Shari Thurow, Matt Bailey, Jennifer Laycock, Debra Mastaler, Amanda Watlington, Greg Jarboe, Nan Dawkins and Rob Key.

Search Engine Strategies sem training will include;

Link Building Tactics, Tools & Techniques – Shari Thurow
This presentation will demonstrate how these skills are essential for building a user–friendly, search–friendly, and persuasive site that converts visitors into buyers.

Link Building Tactics, Tools & Techniques – Debra O’Neil-Mastaler
Need links? In order to rank well and successfully promote your online business, you need an effective link building program as part of your over-all SEO strategy.

Search & Analytics Workshop: Using Analytics to Increase Search Effectiveness Matt Bailey
Analytics are a gold mine of information, just waiting to be uncovered. The results of your campaigns, effectiveness of the website, and the efficiency of your rankings can all be measured with a good analytics program.

Getting Found in All The Right Places – Greb Jarboe – Amanda Watlington
Everyone who promotes Web sites as part of their work should attend this workshop. Web marketers should understand how to optimize and leverage their content and its distribution across news, blog, social, image, audio and video search engines.

Viral Marketing & Link Baiting – Jennifer Laycock
In this workshop, you will gain a better understanding of the concepts, ideas and implementations that are required to launch a viral marketing or link baiting campaign.

Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy – Nan Dawkins – Rob Key
The power of social media, together with its increasing visibility in search engines, has made it incumbent for brands to engage in these “Web 2.0” environments, including blogs, social networks, wikis, and more

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