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March 11, 2007

9 short notes kids wrote to their favorite seo

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With the lastest game show centered on whether you are smarter than a fifth grader or not and the shocking revelation that seo isn’t rocket science, we wanted to meet with some elementary school children and get their take. We were curious to find out what they already know about search engine marketing and how they used that knowledge in today’s competitive market and what they see for the future.

Their answers shocked us as we soon realized many of the young students knew quite a bit, not only about seo, but also about the people involved. Many of the kids read blogs like Search Engine Land, The Daily SEO Blog, Bruce Clay’s Blog, Cre8pc Blog, Search Student, Shoemoney, Pronet Advertising, Search Marketing Gurus and others.

We asked some of the students to write a short note to their favorite blogger or seo and listed below are nine of their notes. I’m sure you’ll be as surprised as we were. Please leave a comment for the kids and encourage them in their seo endeavors.

Rand Fishkin,
I heard you’re getting married, congratulations. I watched the superbowl to see you propose but you weren’t there. I’m happy you and Bruce Clay’s daughter Lisa are finally getting together. I saw a video on the Internet where a girl was going to be sick because you proposed to Lisa. That was sad. I wish you the best.  Susie

Danny Sullivan,
My dad said you were an original gangster and you had to move to England but now you and your gang are hiding out in Search Engine Land. What’s it like there? I really want to come but my dad said it’s not for little kids. I know I would like it there. If I runaway could I stay with you? Do you play ping pong there? Do you have any dinosaurs? Joey

Lisa Barone,
I have to call you “the lisa” because my name’s lisa too and I don’t want you to think that I think that I’m like you at all  cause I’m not. You’re smart and kind and I’m dumb and mean. But I like you, not like those other people. I know now they were just voices in my head, so I don’t listen to them anymore. I’m sure you know what I mean. I really want to meet you sometime.  “not the lisa” lisa

Kim Krause Berg,
Wow, I’ve never met a sex goddess before. Do you always get to wear your crown?  Do you have to be voted “Most Radical Female” or “the Freakiest Female” in high school to become a sex goddess? That must be really neat. I had a doll once but that wasn’t a real sex goddess. I just  liked to pretend. It was fun until my little sister took it away from me. Can you come over to my house and play? I miss my doll. Timmy

Chris Hooley,
I wish I could ride a saber tooth tiger. You must be really brave. Timmy’s dad was brave. He’s dead now. I wish you wouldn’t ride that tiger cause I’m scared you might die. Have you ever tried a horse? I know you can’t drive a car cause you wreck it so maybe a horse would be better for you.  Are you really a eunich? Sally

Neil Patel,
I also want to be a princess! What do you need to do? I have a princess outfit but I don’t have a wand. Do you need to have a wand to be a princess? I could buy a wand with my babysitting money but my brother always takes it. Wait a minute, you’re going to school, that means you’re only a student like me. You’re not really a princess are you? Now I’ll never be a princess! Lucy

Li Evans,
You have lots of hats, you’re funny. Could you send me a hat? Our family lost all our hats in Chicago in December. That really stunk cause we need our hats to make money. Oh well, I’m sure whoever took our hats really needed them cause it was cold.  I would like to ask you a question though, and that is, are you really a pirate? Do pirates steal hats? Tammy

Jeremy Schoemaker,
It’s okay that you don’t have money to buy shoes. My mom said if you would spend less time on the internet and more time finding a job then maybe you would have some shoes. I think it’s hard to find a job without shoes. My dad said you wouldn’t need shoe money if you would sell your Hummer. I wanted to send you my allowance but my dad said you need to figure it out on your own, sorry. Kathy

Rebecca Kelley
You are my hero. I am not kidding when I say that. I’ve thought about it a lot and I’m old enough to decide who my hero is and that is you. I don’t know who other kids think is their hero but I know you are mine. I do know what it means to me and that means you are my hero. I am proud to say it and I really mean it.  Thanks for being my hero. Moon

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