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February 28, 2007

SEO Clinic brought to you by the friendly folks at SEJ

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The friendly folks at Search Engine Journal recently announced their SEO Clinic. If you’ve ever seen Pimp My Site at Search Engine Strategies or followed Neil Patel and Cameron Olthuis at Pronet Advertising’s Pimp My Links then you have a good idea what the SEO Clinic is all about.

If not, then you’re in for a real treat. SEO Clinic is free but not for the faint of heart. You might get some Simon Cowellesque remarks so be prepared. You will definitely get some great advice about link building, site navigation, usability, copywriting, social media optimization and other seo techniques from the people listed below, as well as the occasional guest.

Loren Baker : I’ve been involved in SEO for almost 10 years and my specializations are in basic on-site content oriented SEO, meta data, link building, local search, news & blog search optimization and social news marketing.
Carsten Cumbrowski :Carsten tends to lean more to the technical side of SEO, building affiliate sites, working with content management systems & databases, supplemental results, and even dabs in the grey hat on occasion.
Jessica Bowman :Jessica is also a long time SEO expert and her focus is on usability, driving conversions and reeling in users.
Garrett French : Garrett’s strengths are in SEO copywriting and social media optimization. Mr. French is currently starting a new company, so his time is sparse, yet his insight is valuable.
Ahmed Bilal :Ahmed is another SEO and Search Marketing specialist with expertise in professional blogging, link baiting and link building.
Rhea Drysdale : Rhea, the newest Resident Pimp, focuses on merging SEO, Paid Search, Social Media Optimization, content development, split testing and Public Relations initiatives all into one fine and effective SEO campaign.
Gemme van Hasselt : Gemme is an Internet Marketing Consultant who lives in Shanghai and specializes in SEO. With his base in China and International background, Gemme can lend some outside gathering of the box ideas to SEO campaigns.

To participate, fill out the SEO Clinic form here and cross your fingers. You’ll surely learn a thing or two and your website will only get better.


February 24, 2007

China Search Marketing Tour Heads To Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen & Hong Kong

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The China Search Marketing Tour will be held May 19 – 28, 2007. Tour members from around the world will attend the China Search Engine Strategies & Conference Expo in Xiamen

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 24, 2007 — The China Search Marketing Tour has partnered with Search Engine Strategies to provide a search engine marketing event to be held May 19 – May 28, 2007. The tour will visit Beijing, Shanghai Xiamen and Hong Kong. Tour participants will attend the second Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo to be held in Xiamen, China May 25 – 26, 2007. The tour can be customized based on the participants schedule. Sign up for this event ends March 21, 2007 and the early bird discount ends March 5, 2007.

The China Search Marketing Tour was a great experience on several different levels. It was culturally enlightening, historically informative, educational and all-around fun!

The search engine landscape in China is changing rapidly as competitors scramble to take the lead in the world’s second largest Internet market. According to Analysys International the China search engine market will see a compound annual growth of more than 30% from 2006 to 2010 based on its recently released report “China Search Engine Market Forecast 2006 — 2010”. Revenue for China’s search engine providers is expected to reach 4.521 billion (RMB) approximately 528 million (USD) in 2010.

“Anyone in the search marketing industry that plans on doing business with China shouldn’t miss this tour. Chinese companies are also looking to the west to achieve global exposure for their web sites” said Ian McAnerin, McAnerin Networks, Inc., CEO and host of the China Search Marketing Tour. McAnerin added “This is definitely a first mover opportunity for search marketers around the world.”

Brooke Schumacher of B-line Marketing and host of the eMarketing Talk Show said of last year’s event, “The China Search Marketing Tour was a great experience on several different levels. It was culturally enlightening, historically informative, educational and all-around fun! ” She added, “What could be more exciting than traveling, learning, conversing with SEOs and witnessing large-scale web adoptions and profound global changes?”

For more information go to China Search Marketing Tour or to join the tour call 1.800.865.6221.

February 21, 2007

7 reasons to treat yourself to an Elite Retreat seat

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If you haven’t heard about the Elite Retreat then you’ve most certainly have heard about the people involved. And the Elite Retreat may be playing in your town. The original Elite Retreat was held in San Antonio,Texas and included Aaron Wall, Lee Dodd, Jeremy Schoemaker and Dave Taylor.   Jeremy Schoemaker, Cofounder says in their introductory video, “Come join us for two days that will change your business life forever”.

Planned retreats are scheduled this year in San Francisco, Orlando, Chicago, Phoenix and Dallas. Here’s a recap from the San Antonio Elite Retreat by Chris Hooley.

The next Elite Retreat is being held in San Francsico March 19th and 20th. The Elite Retreat is in fact “elite”, as in exclusive and pricey coming in at $4, 950.  So is it worth it? Well I’ll give you 7 reasons to go and then you tell me.

1. Guy Kawasaki – Keynote Speaker – venture capitilast

2. Jeremy Schoemaker – sem expert

3. Lee Dodd – social networking expert

4. Aaron Wall – seo expert

5. Darren Rowse – blogging expert

6. Kris Jones – online media expert

7. Neil Patel – marketing consultant

So you tell me. Is it worth it? All I know is this is a pretty impressive lineup and I’d sure go if I could. Go ahead, treat yourself. By the way, Joe Whyte has some great interviews with some of these guys over at Lunar Pages Blog.

Date: Monday March 19th and Tuesday March 20th

Location: San Francisco Downtown Courtyard, San Francisco, CA

Meals: Breakfast and lunch will be provided Monday and Tuesday.

The Leaders: Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker, Lee Dodd, Aaron Wall, Darren Rowse, and more!

Attendees: This event is very exclusive and has limited availability. Attendees will be chosen by an application only process. The purpose of this event is to take your business to another level, from good to great. Bring your business plan or current site objectives with you and we will help you optimize your business structure. This would definintely benefit you to bring your team or just your coder so you can work together on what you learn.

Hotel Information: The San Francisco Downtown Courtyard is located in the heart of beautiful San Francisco. The rate for hotel rooms is $209/night and reservations may be made by calling the hotel at 415-947-0700 and use “Elite Retreat” to get the discounted rate. The deadline to book your room at the group rate is by March 10th.

February 19, 2007

10 lessons in local search by Matt McGee

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I remember back in the day when clients used to ask me how to get their business in the top of the search engines. Now they’re all asking “how do I get in the top of Google’s local listings?” Well Matt McGee at Small Business SEM outlines what he believes are things to consider if you want to see your business climb to the top of the local results, in his post ” 10 Likely Elements of Google’s Local Search Algorithm“.

 Speaking of the recent expansion of the Google Maps Onebox, Matt says “local search optimization is much more important than it was before this new display was implemented widely on”. Bill Slawski weighs in with some refinements and reference to his post on this topic, Local Sensitivity in Google Local Search.

The bottom line is there are several factors you need to consider when optimizing for local search and Matt does a great job of covering them.

February 18, 2007

Star Trek red shirt phenomenon analyzed by Matt Bailey

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Matt Bailey wrote a very entertaining and educational blog post “Analytics According to Captain Kirk“. Matt used the original Star Trek show’s crew members as his study group.  He begins the post by saying “One of my favorites is an analysis of the red-Shirt Phenomenon in Start Trek.”

You may stop wearing red shirts after you read it.  Matt compares the death rate of the crewmen based on their shirt color.  The different shirts were yellow, blue, red and an engineering smock worn by only four of the fifty eight who died in one hundred and thirty fights in the original series.

If you read anything out there on the blogoshpere, you gotta read this. Great job Matt with your entertaining analysis, I really enjoyed that and read it several times. Keep that excellent content coming.

February 16, 2007

Jill Whalen’s band of merry makers heads to the Twin Cities

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Jill Whalen brings her fun loving crew and the High Rankings® Search Engine Marketing Seminar to Minneapolis, March 15 – 16. The two day seminar will run you $1,195 if you register by midnight (CST) on February 15, 2007. After that the cost goes up to $1,395 but if you want a discount, read on.

Okay, here’s how you get the discount. Go over to Online Marketing Blog and Lee Odden (who’s hiring a search engine marketing specialist if you’re interested) will provide you a with a hefty discount. He says “As a special offer, readers of Online Marketing Blog can get a special 25% discount”. You’ll have to go to his post to find out how. Lee also interviews Jill so jump on over and read the interview while you’re at it.

 This is a pretty impressive band of merry makers and includes;

Jill Whalen – Search Engine Optimization Overview and Technical Design Issues

The Nitty-Gritty of Writing for the Search Engines

Christine Churchill – Effective Keyword Research – The ins and outs of Paid Search (PPC)

Karon Thackston – Copywriting Your Way to Success

Scottie Claiborne – Link Building – Usability and SEO

Matt Bailey – Measuring Success – Cool Tools for Diagnosing Website Problems

Lee Odden – UnGoogle Your Search Marketing

February 8, 2007

Stuntdbl joins Neil Patel and Cameron Olthuis in “Rush Hour” on Webmaster Radio

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Webmaster Radio has some great shows and I listen to as many as time allows. The newest program in their lineup is called “Rush Hour” with Neil Patel and Cameron Olthuis. Joining them on their maiden voyage was none other than Todd Malicoat aka Stuntdubl. And you know when these guys get together the talk is all about social media.

Here’s some of the things they talked about. The first topic of conversation was why diggers don’t digg seo and what can be done. Todd who’s been digging for about a year and a half says it’s the perception seo’s have due to those trying to game the system. His philosophy has always been to only digg quality stories.

Cameron asked if you would run the risk of getting your site banned if too many people dugg every story from your site. Todd answered by giving the example of Lee Odden’s Online Marketing Blog that was banned from Digg despite that fact that Lee writes some great content. The social media trio speculated that Lee’s readers just dugg too many of his news stories which were typically about seo.

They also discussed getting in the top 100, a spot Todd has reached, and what that means now that those are displayed any longer. Is it ethical for top diggers to take money for digging a story and if not what’s the difference between that and paying companies to linkbait for you? You gotta listen to get these answers but I will tell you how they answered my question.

I asked,  “Is it better to work a few social media sites really hard or to spread out your efforts on many of them?” Cameron’s answer was if your topic is broad then try to get your message spread across as many social media sites as possible. If your topic is more focused or niche then find the social media sites where your market is and focus on those. That’s a great answer C-man.

Thanks to all of you for sharing social media know how. Excellent show and I’m looking forward to the next one.

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