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January 29, 2007

Rerun: Wanna learn link building? I mean really learn link building?

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I’m busy on a few projects so I’m rerunning some posts of the past. Here’s one from October, 2006.

All this talk about sem seo certification and training is making my head spin. I mean really, there are plenty of companies or individuals that offer training, some good some not so good. Sure you’re gonna learn quite a bit about seo sem and my advice is to attend one of these programs, you’ll learn a thing or two.

 While I was looking at some of the programs I noticed that some did and some did not, have a course on link building. Really? I consider link building to be one of the most important aspects of seo sem today. So I found some strictly link building training courses and will share them with you. These are not listed in any particular order nor have I taken any of these courses.

The point is that if you find one you think will work for you and take it. And when you’re done, or if you’ve already taken one, please let me know what you think.

 Eric Ward – Eric says on his site “My on site training sessions are pretty intense. A full day of in-depth hands-on time together, perfecting your online linking and publicity tactics. I teach you what you need to know –basic through extremely advanced– about linking and online publicity.

 Andy Hagans – Here’s what Andy says “I offer a fully outsourcing link building solution for clients that are serious about their rankings. I also offer consulting and training for those on a more limited budget or who are the “do-it-yourself” type. My services are not cheap, but as I receive most new clients from referrals,….”

Justilien Gaspard – Justilien says on his site “The training program is customizable to fit the needs of any size company from a Fortune 100 corporation to a small entrepreneur. Whether you want to take link building in-house, improve your current techniques or a marketing executive that wants a better understanding of links this program will benefit you.”

Jim Boykin – On Jim’s site We Build Pages it says “What we’re offering will work. If you have us train you and your staff on the best practices for link development, you will start to succeed at your link building and ultimately your search rankings. You will have the knowledge you need to do cost-effective link development in-house continuously.”

Debra Mastaler – On her website Alliance Link it says “Debra will share her “secrets” on where/how to find links, how to effectively use targeted anchor text, how to write persuasive email so sites will add your link how to develop a creative and viral link marketing promotion and how to optimize your website’s internal and navigational links for top search engine ranking results.” This is by no means a comprehensive list but it’s a great start. The amazing thing is that all of these people share this information for free. You can learn a lot by reading what they have to say. But if you wanna learn link building, I mean really learn link building, then take the training from one of these folks and then let me know how it was.

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