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January 5, 2007

Let’s google “sem seo certification and training”

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Oops, I forgot. What I meant to say was, let’s use the search engine Google to search for the term “sem seo certification and training”.  You may remember back this summer Google told us not to use  google as a verb to describe what the online service WordSpy defines as; “To search for information on the Web, particularly by using the Google search engine”. Here’s what a Google spokesman said about that in case you haven’t read it in awhile or you never did. There were tons of jokes by the way, at Google’s expense, and then it was soon forgotten.

“We think it’s important to make the distinction between using the word Google to describe using Google to search the internet, and using the word Google to describe searching the internet. It has some serious trademark issues.”

Okay so what did we get when we typed “sem seo certification and training” into the search engine Google. Of course we get this blog first. No surprise there with this long exact phrase. Then we find the article Shhhh!….the dirty little secret about sem seo certification I wrote for Andy Beal’s SEM Scholarship contest.

Next comes some more of this blog on the wordpress tag page and then this post by Danny Sullivan where he says “…the move toward offering certification and training in search marketing is accelerating.” I was happy to hear that and blogged about it here.

MyBlogLog shows up at number 8. I posted about how I used MyBlogLog to climb the social ladder here and posted here that if you ain’t in MyBlogLog then you ain’t anywhere. You gotta love MyBlogLog. In fact that same Andy Beal has a MyBlogLog contest where’s he’s giving away a shiny Microsoft Zune if you join his community. And if I win, I also get  a pair of Shure Sound Isolating Earphones because I blogged about it here.

Rounding out the top ten were two results from Apex Reach. Since I haven’t talked about them before now was a good time to see what they are all about. The two results lead to training pages. The first one was hereand the last result went here. The first page went to the general training and the last one goes to the advanced training page.

Apex Reach’s about page didn’t provide us very much information about the people behind the organization but we did find out they are located in Australia and registered the domain last year. It looks like they’ve been around for awhile though and may have been previously known as Apex Pacific.

It was fun googling sem seo certification and training and finding another training program to add to the list. What do you find when you google your phrase? Oops, I did it again. Sorry Google, I won’t google any more.


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