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December 30, 2006

How I MyBlogLogged my way up the social media ladder

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What does MyBlogLog have to do with sem seo certification and training you ask? Well nothing and everything. I guess for this to really be relavant I’d have to add social media to the mix since this is about my smo training courtesy of Ben Wills. My initial training  in social media was with Lee Odden a year earlier.  His recent post  Blogs Rock for SEO, SMO and PR is just an example of the quality of this guy’s posts.  His resident go to guy is Thomas McMahon who also taught me a lot. He and his wife make killer cookies by the way.

What Ben did was provide me with an updated roadmap at an opportune time for myself. You may remember that Ben was the winner of Andy Beal’s imaginative SEM Scholarship contest with his interesting article 5 Pillars of Social Media.

Well I didn’t just read his article, I studied it. When my wife and I went to bed I’d read under the covers with a flashlight. I posted it up on the fridge. I took it to the, oh never mind you get the picture. 

As I tranformed his words into action I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Social media was everywhere and everyone was there. Some more than others and its those “some” that are really pushing social media but no, they are NOT person of the year.

Alas, I was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. I stumbled and fell. What was I going to do? I was in knee deep and not near deep enough. Searching for something I could manage I went to MyBlogLog.  How neat, how Web2.0, how easy. It was all there, my blogs, my friends, new friends, how sweet it is.  And wonderful widgets to go.

I set up my blogs and started seeking others. I searched for the blogs I read and those about sem, seo, China, etc. The hunt was on. I found several and started joining their communities and commenting on the community page and the blog itself.

I used the private and public messaging to keep in contact with everyone which made for some interesting side conversations. This is where you see spam but you can manage it pretty easily by reporting and deleting the spam. Its all worth it because there are some fascinating blogs in there.

One day while searching for China blogs I ran across 1938 Media which says on their website “We make videos for the web. Some people really like them. We can also make them for you.” Their simple message belies that fact that they are social media darlings and in fact they just signed with Podtech.  

Anyway I commented on their blog and  Loren must have checked my China self out because he asked me to call him. After sharing stories (his were better than mine) he decided to become platinum sponsor for the China Search Marketing Tour.

So where’s the sem seo certification and training in all this? Well the moral of the story is sem has to include seo as well as smo and all the other acronyms in order to really be successful. Ben taught me some great lessons but they wouldn’t have been lessons if I didn’t study his article.


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