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December 30, 2006

How I MyBlogLogged my way up the social media ladder

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What does MyBlogLog have to do with sem seo certification and training you ask? Well nothing and everything. I guess for this to really be relavant I’d have to add social media to the mix since this is about my smo training courtesy of Ben Wills. My initial training  in social media was with Lee Odden a year earlier.  His recent post  Blogs Rock for SEO, SMO and PR is just an example of the quality of this guy’s posts.  His resident go to guy is Thomas McMahon who also taught me a lot. He and his wife make killer cookies by the way.

What Ben did was provide me with an updated roadmap at an opportune time for myself. You may remember that Ben was the winner of Andy Beal’s imaginative SEM Scholarship contest with his interesting article 5 Pillars of Social Media.

Well I didn’t just read his article, I studied it. When my wife and I went to bed I’d read under the covers with a flashlight. I posted it up on the fridge. I took it to the, oh never mind you get the picture. 

As I tranformed his words into action I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Social media was everywhere and everyone was there. Some more than others and its those “some” that are really pushing social media but no, they are NOT person of the year.

Alas, I was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. I stumbled and fell. What was I going to do? I was in knee deep and not near deep enough. Searching for something I could manage I went to MyBlogLog.  How neat, how Web2.0, how easy. It was all there, my blogs, my friends, new friends, how sweet it is.  And wonderful widgets to go.

I set up my blogs and started seeking others. I searched for the blogs I read and those about sem, seo, China, etc. The hunt was on. I found several and started joining their communities and commenting on the community page and the blog itself.

I used the private and public messaging to keep in contact with everyone which made for some interesting side conversations. This is where you see spam but you can manage it pretty easily by reporting and deleting the spam. Its all worth it because there are some fascinating blogs in there.

One day while searching for China blogs I ran across 1938 Media which says on their website “We make videos for the web. Some people really like them. We can also make them for you.” Their simple message belies that fact that they are social media darlings and in fact they just signed with Podtech.  

Anyway I commented on their blog and  Loren must have checked my China self out because he asked me to call him. After sharing stories (his were better than mine) he decided to become platinum sponsor for the China Search Marketing Tour.

So where’s the sem seo certification and training in all this? Well the moral of the story is sem has to include seo as well as smo and all the other acronyms in order to really be successful. Ben taught me some great lessons but they wouldn’t have been lessons if I didn’t study his article.


December 27, 2006

Cre8asiteforums creates training and certification sponsorhip opportunities

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Kim Krause Berg of Cre8pc recently announced that the very popular Cr8asiteforums is offering sponsorships for students of search engine marketing, user centered design and web design industries. The sponsorship funds ($1,600) will be offered to four training programs who will then apply the funds to a “student in need or financial aid or create a scholarship with funds”. My personal choice would be for each of those training programs to create a scholarship with the funds and run their own “contest” to determine who gets the scholarship.

 Forum members will choose the four training programs from a list of six including; SEMPO Institute, Search Engine College Certifications, Bruce Clay’s SEO ToolSet, Fresh Egg Internship, Web Design Training Program, Human Factors International and SEO Pros.  The poll includes an “other” choice to be considered in future sponsorships. Polling will end on January 15, 2007 and the winners will be announced.

Hats off to Kim and those at Cre8asiteforums for promoting education and training.  I encourage all of these training programs and others to follow her lead and offer “scholarships” or other ways to encourage training and certification.

December 26, 2006

SEO Coach Dan Thies closes sem seo training doors

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UPDATE: The retirement party teleconference is December 28th at 7 pm Central. Register here.

According to Dan’s SEO Coach newsletter, as of January 1st Dan will no longer be providing sem seo training to new students. The newsletter also provides an invitation to his “retirement” party on January 28th along with a free teleclass. Dan explained in his newsletter that his students’ needs have become diverse.

But more and more, I find that my students’ challenges lie in many different areas – conversion, email marketing, product sourcing, social marketing, business planning, etc.

Although I can often add value in these other areas, I am not always the world’s foremost authority… In order to truly help my students grow their businesses, I needed to find a way to offer support in every aspect of online business.

Dan goes on to say that expanding SEO Research Labs’ training team is not feasible because he would need to have students lined up and ready to go. However, he does offer a “solution” in the form of a new training program being formed and describes the the instructors but does not name them. Instead he uses psuedonyms like, Mr. Green, Mr. White, etc. My guess is that some of the Mr. Colors in no particular order are; Dave Taylor, Brad Fallon, Mike Long, Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern, and Dan himself.  It also sounds like another StomperNet production. Again these are only educated guesses so we’ll have to wait and see.

“Mr. Blue,” one of only three (3) people on Earth I go to for SEO expertise
“Mr. Green,” a true thought leader, expert on blogging, community building, and publishing for profit
“Mr. Paisley,” probably the best copywriter on the planet, and that’s only a small fraction of what he brings
“Mr. Orange,” who teaches complete newbies how to get online with some of the best audio and video tutorials I have ever seen
“Mr. White” and “Mr. Pink,” who have each built multimillion-dollar businesses from scratch – real businesses with real products, not just infoproducts
“Mr. Black,” an expert on joint ventures and eBay, who has orchestrated some of the most successful product launches in the history of the Internet

We’ll definitely be watching for the announcement of this sem seo certification and training program and will let you know as soon as we get the details. Best wishes to you Dan, you’ve provided some great education not only to your students but also to the rest of the seo community and for that we salute you.

December 23, 2006

If you ain’t on MyBlogLog you ain’t anywhere

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Okay, I know there’s a lot of other social media out there and MyBlogLog is just one.   But with 3 active blogs I like to keep track of them in one spot and I do that through mybloglog. I  join communities of other blogs that I like and make contact with the other bloggers right in mybloglog.  So who is on MyBlogLog and why should you be there?

Danny Sullivan and gang are representing with Search Engine Land right along with my non seo pal Media Lizzy. There are search marketing blogs like Jeremy Zawodny’s and Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim and the off beat Wierd Asia News. You know Neil Patel and Cameron Olthuis are in on this with their ProNet Advertising Blog and Lee Odden is making a showing with the Online Marketing Blog. Some of my favorite finds besides are the photo rich Barcelona Photo Blog and on the cutting edge and fascinating the Workbook Project.

That barely scratches the surface of blogs living on mybloglog.  The point is there are every kind of blog imaginable and you can communicate with your community members either privately or publicly right there. Check it out but beware, you could get lost in there.  Just remember if you ain’t on MyBlogLog you ain’t anywhere. Keep on bloggin’ .

December 21, 2006

Drinkbait rolls in with an Elite Retreat recap

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Chris “Drinkbait” Hooley just returned from San Antonio, Texas where he attended the Elite Retreat. Chris covers it pretty well in his blog post. Take a look to get the whole story. Here’s a bit of  what he had to say;

“I know that I sometimes sound like a fan boy when I talk about some of the SEOs I respect, but seriously, this was worth so more than the price tag. I made at least one good friend and a few awesome new business associates (moreso than when you go to a big conference). The reason I think they should raise their price is because the size of the group made it special, and the info the we got was so much more specific than any other conference I’ve ever attended. More people will want to be at the next conference for sure, but I don’t know that it will be as effective. The price, certainly was worth it. Great job to all invovled in the Elite Retreat!”

It’s no wonder with a lineup of instructors that included Aaron Wall, Lee Dodd, Jeremy Schoemaker and Dave Taylor.  There were a total of 12 participants so they got a lot of special attention  and specific feedback. Chris said even the participants shared their knowledge and helped with each others sites. Congrats to all the “graduates” and to Andrea Schoemaker who did all the heavy lifting to make this happen.  If we hear the same feedback from other participants, the Elite Retreat may be the place to go.

December 19, 2006

You are NOT the Person of the Year!

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And neither am I. Who is trying to fool whom? So you added your knowledge to Wikkipedia, spread the viral YouTube  or planted your face and baggage on MySpace.  So what? You still are NOT the person of the year!

Oh, you made up Facebook profiles and wasted days in Second Life while in your spare time mashed up 50 Cent’s vocals with Queen’s instrumentals?  Who cares? You still are NOT the person of the year!

I’ll tell you which of you is the person of the year. While you are cryin’ because your YouTube wasn’t dugg, or your linkbait didn’t work, or wondering whether Britney was wearing underwear or not, American men and women are fighting a war!

These brave souls are getting wounded and dying everyday so YOU can drive your SUV’s and play on your computer in order for a self serving magazine to name YOU person of the year. It’s NOT you and its not me,  its them, brave men and women that are putting their lives on the line everyday. You are NOT the person of the year, they are!

 So now I’d like to challenge anyone who reads this blog to tell everybody, you are NOT the person of the year but you know who is. Let’s all get together and find a way to show our gratitude to the real ‘you’ that is person of the year. Please don’t buy into the myth that you are the person of the year, you should know by now who the real ‘you’ is. –  Technorati –  BlinkList –  Digg –  Google –  StumbleUpon
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December 16, 2006

I’ve been blog tagged by the lovely Lisa Barone

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While wandering the web today I noticed this blog tagging going on and have been reading interesting things about my favorite bloggers. When I hit Lisa Barone’s blog, okay its not her blog but Bruce Clay’s ;), I noticed she tagged me. First of all I’m extremely flattered, maybe that’s a bit over the top but if you know me maybe not. Secondly I love reading these personal tidbits about people I know and those I’d like to know better.  These are way more fascinating to me than any “seo stuff”. I guess I love the noise better than the signal. Okay here goes, thanks Lisa.

1. My son is my hero, especially after going to war in Afghanistan and Iraq with the 101st Airborne.

2. Used to be an air traffic controller in the Navy after Reagan fired all the civilian controllers. (yes I’m that old)

3.  Didn’t graduate college but have several certifications. (hence the blog)

4. Working on the largest collection of  autographed seo books in the world.

5. Have a crush on Lisa Barone and Rebecca Kelley (but you probably already figured that out). Don’t  worry girls, I’m happily married to my wife of 28 years, Annie. (see I am old)

Now its my time to keep this going. Many people stopped because they think everyone’s been tagged but here are some that haven’t been as far as I know.  Ammon JohnsNick Wilsdon  Amanda WatlingtonLisa Ditlefsen, and Media Lizzy.

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