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November 26, 2006

Danny Sullivan recognizes growth of seo sem training and certification

In Danny’s recent blog post SEM Certification & Training Courses at the Search Engine Watch Blog he states “The move toward offering certification and training in search marketing is accelerating”.  Now I doubt Danny’s been reading my blog but even if he has, he certainly realized the importance of training long ago.

In fact he is the original sem seo certification and training evangelist, wouldn’t you agree? Yes, others have offered free advice on forums but Danny started Search Engine Strategies back in 1999. Here’s from their description “At this unique one-day event, you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of search engine marketing from top experts in the field”.  In addition to that Danny has been writing about search engines for more than 10 years and will add to that at Search Engine Land

So what’s the big deal you ask? Well in my article, Shhhh!….the dirty little secret about sem seo certification, for Marketing Pilgrim’s SEM Scholarship contest I gave 4 practical tips and my first one was “Practical tip #1 – Whenever Danny Sullivan speaks, listen, whatever he writes, read”. If Danny’s writing that sem seo certification and training is accelerating then we should definitely pay attention. One way to do that is to subscribe to this blog’s feed. 😉

Danny talks about the “Certification Pathways” from Search Engine College, SEMPO’s webinar for those thinking about getting into search marketing, Starting a Career in Search Marketing and their new online training at SEMPO University. He also discusses the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) SEM Certification, the Incisive Media training after SES Chicago and of course Bruce Clay’s SEO Toolset, which I also mentioned in my article.

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  1. Nice blog on SEO & SEM training courses. It’s vital that anyone doing business online has to have at least a basic grasp of search engines and what they can mean to a business.

    Those looking for such training will do well to visit your blog.

    Comment by Kevin Singarayar — November 27, 2006 @ 4:13 am | Reply

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