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November 20, 2006

Matt Bailey explains the What and the Why at Marketing Logic

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Matt Bailey of Site Logic’s recent post at Marketing Logic examines the shortcomings of the US educational system as posted on the Church of the Customer Blog.  Matt went beyond those shortcomings and discussed issues within the search engine marketing community explaining the magical formulas for success that many seem to  seek.

There are no magic formulas that will equate to long term success. Read the writings of any great author, scientist, philosopher, and they will all agree. Success is not an accident. Success is based on the individual’s will and drive to succeed. This is why I cannot teach easy formulas to long-term success in search engines and website sales – they don’t exist.

Matt knows of what he speaks. He has shared his knowledge at  Search Engine Strategies, The DMA (Direct Marketing Association) Conferences,  and at American Advertising Federation events and is an instructor for the Direct Marketing Association’s SEM Certification program and High Rankings® Search Engine Marketing Seminars. Matt goes on to explain, “There is a difference between knowing the WHAT and the WHY” and I recommend you read WHAT he has to say.
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