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November 7, 2006

Fresh Egg’s training for Speed Demon…..wax on, wax off, paint fence

Filed under: SEM SEO Training — David Temple @ 4:45 pm

Okay, I don’t know if Rebecca Kelley really uses her nickname “Speed Demon” but it makes for a nifty blog post title.  The wax on, wax off, paint the fence came from Ammon Johns‘ description  of Fresh Egg’s training methods. After reading about her first day at Fresh Egg’s sem seo training I think she’ll definitely need to be a speed demon to keep up. The first order of business was to dive into the weighty topic “SEO Business Models and Commercial SEO Practices“.  Here’s just some of what she’s been up to according to Ammon on the freshblog.

Not that everything was easy for Rebecca today. Her desk hadn’t been delivered and assembled, though thankfully it wasn’t essential today as she spent the first half of the day in our meeting room, and the afternoon at my desk seeing how I answer the enviable question that a client posed of how to best allocate a £1.5 million online marketing budget for next year.

Way to be flexible and jump right in Rebecca, errr…Speed Demon. She tried to throw a scare into Rand and the rest of the SEOmoz crew with her post entitled “Sorry SEOmoz“. Glad to hear she’s enjoying herself. It sounds like she’s getting thrown into the fire, what a great way to learn.  Go Speed Demon, go!

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