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October 15, 2006

Search Engine Marketing Certification launches at DMA ’06

Filed under: SEM SEO Associations,SEM SEO Certification — David Temple @ 9:30 pm

Lee Odden at Online Marketing Blog describes the new search engine marketing certification program at the DMA06 conference. There were more than 100 attendees, probably the largest group to get any sem seo certification at one time.  There was a pretty impressive lineup of instructors and courses for the first day including;

 Jeannette Kocsis, VP of Digital Marketing at Harte-Hanks, Introduction to Search Engine Marketing

Matt Bailey, Founder of Site Logic, Site Indexing Challenges and How to Fix Them

Detlev Johnson, Executive VP of Technology at Your Amigo, Search Engine and Directory Submission/Inclusion Tactics

Lee Odden, President of TopRank Online Marketing Search Engine Basics

As I’ve stated here previously, I don’t know how valuable an sem seo certificate might be but I do know this has to be some excellent training.  Having an association backing like DMA certainly can’t hurt. Certification or not, it sounds like a good investment but time will tell. Love to hear from any of the participants and get their input. Stay tuned!


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