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October 7, 2006

SEO Fox throws his two cents into the alphabet soup of sem seo certifications

Filed under: SEM SEO Certification — David Temple @ 3:32 am

Jjones over at SEO Fox recently wrote a very positive piece about the announcement of the DMA sem seo certification program. In fact he titled the piece A Positive Spin Off of the DMA SEM Certification, and it was indeed. But his answer to a comment summed it up best when he said,

I imagine that many companies will still desire a work portfollio even with the certification because the work portfoilio would typically show periods of time and in that a display of your on going understanding of what the search engines are doing.

Can we expect alphabet soup certifications? ABSOLUTELY! It is practically absurd to think that other companies and organizations won’t want to jump in on this opportunity.

In my opinion, this is LONG over due. – My $0.02


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